If you’re the director or administrator of a Chamber of Commerce who’s still utilizing old, outdated technology to manage and interact with your members, you need no reminder of how redundant and time-consuming it can make things.  Many are still using websites from the late 90’s and early 2000’s which lack the functionality needed to keep things efficient. Whether it’s bouncing from system to system, sending manual invoices or having to wait for your website contact to make requested changes, there’s just no reason to go on suffering like this.

Chamber CMS is an innovative service that provides you with a fully customized website, in addition to many integrated tools that help streamline online administration while encouraging more engagement from members and prospects.

Content and Member Profile Management

The Chamber CMS system features our innovative content management system, which is widely recognized as one of the industry’s fastest and most easy to use.  You can make changes to your own website in real time, or instantly manage member profile pages, listings, announcements and more. No more waiting for people to get back to you, and none of the delays for simple site edits.

Secure, Integrated Online Payment Processing

Regardless of whether you’re still sending manual invoices or redirecting members to a third-party site for paying their membership dues, our system simplifies and protects the entire process. We utilize Heartland Secure online payment processing, one of the industry’s safest and most trusted. It’s built directly into your admin panel, allowing you to send online invoices, reminders, and confirmations effortlessly.

Custom Newsletters and E-mail Communication

Using a separate e-mail or newsletter service can be pricey, and many leave few real options when it comes to getting truly customized.  Chamber CMS technology allows you to easily create, review, edit and send beautiful emails and newsletters to your members, along with advanced management tools that let you see bounced emails, open rates and click-through statistics.

Enhanced Privacy Setting Tools

With many of the more antiquated Chamber of Commerce websites, and even some of today’s generic template services, admins and members have very little control over who can see their contact information.  With Chamber CMS, both you and your members can take control over their privacy settings with just a few clicks. It reduces spam while protecting your members’ info.

Learn More About How Chamber CMS Makes Member Management Easy

If you’re spending more time updating member profiles than you are growing your organization, you owe it to yourself to see how much better things can be.  Get in touch with Chamber CMS today to learn more, get answers or schedule a demo at your office. We can be reached by phone at 585-981-8463 or by e-mail thorough our secure contact page.