We understand and appreciate how important it is for Chamber members to be able to easily maintain and update their business profile pages.  Unfortunately, many template chamber websites make this far more complicated than it needs to be.  Chamber CMS allows your members to make updates easily, while still leaving you in control when it comes to content monitoring and approval.

Custom Member Profile Pages

With Chamber CMS, the days of limited, cookie-cutter member profile pages are a thing of the past.  We make it fun and easy for chamber members to fully-customize their business profile pages, without losing the consistent theme of your main site.  Changes can be made immediately by the member, sparing you the time of having to constantly deal with simple content change requests and profile updates.

Effortless Online Signup and Renewals

The process of signing up a new chamber member can be extremely time-consuming on many of today’s outdated systems.  We’ve simplified the process to make sign-ups and member renewals fast, easy and stress-free. Integrated online payments allow new and renewing members to pay dues securely online, while allowing you to initiate auto responders, welcome letters and membership confirmations instantly.

Flexible User Privacy Controls

The privacy objectives of any chambers’ members will vary greatly from business to business, though not all current systems allow them to control how much information they’d like to share with the public.  Chamber CMS allows each member to determine how much or little contact information they’d like to make public, while simplifying the process of updating listings, key contacts, call to action and many other essentials.

Advanced SEO for High Google Rank

The technology that drives some of todays’ most popular template websites is simply not on par with the evolving algorithms that determine page rank, and many users have little access to their meta data and key SEO fields.  Chamber CMS changes everything. Not only do we fully optimize your main website, we also use the most advanced search engine optimization on user pages to enhance visibility and promote optimal page rank.

Learn more about how Chamber CMS allows your members to distinguish their online presence by calling us today at 585-981-8463.  Or write to us though our SSL-secured contact page.

To learn more about how Chamber CMS can completely change the way you manage and grow your Chamber of Commerce, get in touch or request a demo by calling 585-981-8463. Or write to us though our site’s secure contact page.

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