When you look at some of today’s chamber of commerce websites, it really takes you back to a time when the internet was still a new concept to many.  And to be clear, this is definitely not the impression you want to make on first-time visitors who may be considering membership.  Aside from their substantially outdated design, one look at the primitive source code makes a developer wonder how any of these sites are actually ranking on search engines.  And then there are the blank pages, the 404’s, the dead links, the buttons that no longer work, and so on…

If you run a local Chamber of Commerce and the aforementioned sounds disturbingly familiar, it’s probably time to bring your website into the modern age.  Here are a few of the ways in which Chamber CMS helps improve the online experience for administrators, members and prospects.

Improved Visuals, More Modern Designs

Chamber CMS websites are built not only to perform flawlessly, but also in a style that captures the interest of visitors while encouraging them to click through more pages. Our responsive designs open instantly across a full range of platforms, and are tailored with custom images to help brand your chamber more effectively.

Enhanced Coding and SEO

Website’s don’t rank high because they’re pretty; they rank high when the developer understands and properly imparts SEO in a manner that makes them appealing to the search engines. Each Chamber CMS website is coded in accordance with the most up-to-date Google Webmaster guidelines, to ensure timely indexing and superior page rank potential.

More Rewarding User Experience

Far too many Chambers are losing prospects as a result of ugly, outdated, non-functioning websites.  When someone leaves your site after only a minute or two (or sooner), this affects your Bounce Rate score—a fundamental SEO element.  Our sites are designed not only to attract more visitors, but also to engage them in a way that encourages their likelihood of joining.

Accept Member Payments Online

If your Chamber is still getting checks in the mail for dues and ad fees, it’s definitely time to upgrade.  We’ve partnered with Heartland Secure, one of the most trusted online credit card and payment processors. This allows you to instantly and securely collect dues online, send invoices, manage member accounts and many other payment essentials.

Learn More About How Chamber CMS Can Help You Grow

If you own or manage a local chamber and are ready to give that outdated website a much needed makeover, Chamber CMS makes the process exciting and affordable.  Get in touch with a member of our staff by calling 585-981-8463 or write to us online through our contact page.